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About  Me

Director of Pranami Yoga Centre - Dr.Dharini a doctorate in “Effect of Preksha   Meditation on Psychological problems” and a research scholar with rich   experience in the field of meditation is the promoter of Pranami Yoga Centre, a colourful health studio. 


  1. An experienced international yoga therapist committed to make a difference in overall health arena by applying wide knowledge of Yogic philosophy & Psychology

  2.  Certified Counselor, Expertise in Chinese cupping and Moxa therapy.

  3.  Result oriented trainer, with a passions for designing therapeutic programs that helps to cure dieses, improves fitness, increase quality of life and a sense of well being.

  4. Specially focus on modes of breathing, color therapy to enhance the possible capacity of mind and body and for eradication of psychosomatic illnesses.

    Her experience is enriched by the various research studies and projects       analyzing the effect of yoga and meditation on life style. Few of them are 

  • Effect of relaxation therapy on skin resistance power.

  • Efficacy of Preksha meditation on Central Nervous functions by seeing the changes occurred in brain waves.

  • Influence of Preksha Meditation on mental health, Fear factor, Anxiety level and eight mental states by using standardized psychological tests.

  • Experimental project was published in Amity journal of Behavioural and Forensic Science.

Her training skill includes organization of many camps, training classes, consultancy and psychological guidance. She is taking therapeutic classes since more than 10 years.

  • Currently State C0-ordinator of Preksha meditaion centres, 9 meditation centres are running under her guidance.

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