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 Yogic Exercises and Yogashana

 Yogic exercise for (each and every part) whole body with bandhakriya. Yogashana as per Raj   yoga.

 Breathing Practices & Pranayama

 Complete scientific breathing, Perception of breathing technique, recitation of different   dhvani for therapeutic purpose.

 Color Therapy

 Practice of purification of aura (emotions & attitude) and for internal chemical   transmutations.

 Meditation & Mantra 

 Focusing full attention on specific neural points and endocrine gland and modify the   synthesization of the chemical messengers and weaken the intensities of brutal impulses and   urges.

 Practice of internal trip through the spinal cord to balance Autonomic Nervous System.

 By recitation of specific beej mantra to balance neuroendocrine body chemistry.

 Contemplation & Auto-suggestion

 Conscious mind is encouraged to engage itself in a “thinking process”. By this, one can

 subdue conscious mind and activate the sub-conscious one


 Mudra Practices

 Practice of different hands gestures for therapeutic benefit.

 Relaxation Techniques

 Practice of Q.R.T., D.R.T., Kayotsarga and Yoga nidra.

 Purification Practices

 Practice of JalNeti, Kunjalkriya and Prakshalanakriya (Purnasankh and Ardhasankh).

 Concentration techniques

 Gajjing techniques, Antarmoun, Animesh and Vichar darshana prakriya.


 Counseling and Psychological Guidance.

 Cupping and Chinese Moxa therapy

 Lifestyle changes and Diet Modifications

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