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About Pranami


Pranami Yoga Centre is a Colourful Health Studio which provides disease specific yoga therapy with the help of well established yogashanas, colour therapy, Chinese Moxa and Cupping therapy, scientific breathing practices and other purification process.

Pranami Yoga Centre is the result of years of research, fields studies, experienced and lot of back breaking work.

Today we are running breathlessly for Big qualification, Bigger job designations, more bigger salary package and much higher life status. This flashing BIG & Higher’s has made the peace, health and happiness as the things of occasion. Technology is fueling man to moon but simultaneously sandwiching his life in the greasy clumsy tension, stress, fobias, heart problems and other psychosomatic diseases. To get out from this clutch in shortest & easiest way, they started taking drinking and drugs which give temporary relief, but,create more serious problems. In nut cell, to cut the web of diseases & tension, people indirectly & unaware adopting the wrong way which mesmerize them of their health, happiness and finally about the road which goes to their goal of life.


The vision which can penetrate the fantasy world of memorization can be developed from the process of catharsis i.e. enhancing the nature’s given internal power.

To set out free the bonded energy, we have come with an exclusive initiative - PRANAMI YOGA CENTER


For Whom?
Pranami Yoga Centre is  

  • To get rid of Psychosomatic illnesess, to get physical and mental holistic health by practising MBS alignment technique of Pranami yoga.

  • wholesome development (physical, mental, emotional) of an individual'

  • Highly qualified smart managers like doctors, engineers lawyers and such others professionals who because of overloaded work and tension goes in depression and develop mental health issues.

  • People who has expertise in solving the complicated business problems but fails to resolve their own personal problem.

  • Person who successfully achieve his career goal but fails to enjoy the happiness.

  • And for all those who wants to be cheerful in every phase of life.


In short, it is PRANAMI YOGA CENTRE –  Hearty Salutation to your Mind, Body & Soul by your self.  

 A FLY TO EXPLORE .... to develop inherent healing capacity .


This includes demonstration of aasanas, explaining their physiological,
psychological and psychosomatic effect and scientific mechanism of those
effects and corresponding benefits.

All package or capsule of Pranami Yoga Centre course will be given as per the
client’s diseases/needs. Home classes are also available as per requirement.
Want to live with healthy, happy and harmonious life? Have a PRANAMI YOGA
CENTRE experience.

Believe “1 hour of Pranami Yoga therapy will re-energize your wings
of joy to fly Xtra miles of happiness.”

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